Why you will never find us on Facebook

Like and dislike must perish…

… the Shivapuri Baba (1826–1963) said to John G. Bennett:

“One should have no liking, one should have no disliking. Reason must prevail. Suppose you like me: you will give me everything. Suppose you hate me: you will give me nothing. This is under the influence of liking and disliking. Under the influence of reason, what will you do? You will see if I deserve or not. Suppose I am your enemy; still, if I deserve, you will give me. Suppose I am your friend; if I do not deserve, you will not give me. This is the direction of reason. This reason must always prevail. Liking and disliking must perish.”

From: John G. Bennett: Long Pilgrimage: The Life and Teaching of the Shivapuri Baba


For this and other reasons we say: “Count us out!”

Often, people ask us why Chalice Publishing is not present on the most virulent of the so-called ‘social’ networks. This is, we think, directed by many sensible reasons.

To everybody who is interested in this important topic we highly recommend reading John Lanchester’s eminent essay “You Are the Product” published in the London Review of Books, Vol. 39 of 17 August 2017, which you can find online here:

“You are the Product” by John Lanchester.

We think this is a must read!

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