Recommended Site Glances

We suggest you have a look at the following websites, too.

Bennett Books [/]
Works by John G. Bennett and others

Beshara [/]
A Unifying Perspective in the Contemporary World

Beshara Magazine [/]
Presenting ideas of unity and inclusion in all areas of contemporary thought, from science and spirituality to economics and the arts

Beshara Publications [/]
Books published by the Beshara Trust

Chalice Guild [/]
Dedicated to offering the teachings of Reshad Feild and the inner teachings of the Sufi tradition

Chalice Verlag [/]
The German website of Chalice Publishing

Chisholme [/]
The Chisholme Institute dedicated to the art of self discovery

Dominique Starck [/]
Composer, musician and longstanding student of Reshad Feild

Duversity [/]
Opportunites to study the teaching and work of John G. Bennett

J.G. Bennett Foundation [/]
Information and resource material concerning the life and work of John G. Bennett

Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society [/]
Promoting a greater understanding of the work of Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi and his followers