Study Papers by Reshad Feild

Vorsätze Absichten Motive

Setting an Intention “Outside of Time”

Without right motive and right intention, we cannot fulfil our destiny in being born man and woman. And a true intention, says the mystic Reshad Feild, is set “outside of time”.

River Trees Mountain

Reversing Space – an Inner Practice

In October 1993, at Johanneshof, his spiritual centre at the shores of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, Reshad Feild gave a talk about an important but not quite easy inner practice. This is an edited version as well as an audio recording of that talk published here for the first time.

The Universe

“If thou hadst known how to suffer…”

The oldest problem on earth? Perhaps today what is new about suffering is its immensity and our increasingly prompt awareness of sufferings of all kinds all over the globe. A so far unpublished text from the study papers archive of Reshad Feild’s “Living School” from the 1970s.

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