Videos by Reshad Feild

Breath – Secret of Life

The key to the secret of life is in the breath. By becoming aware of the breath, we open up the possibility to bring healing, respect, harmony and peace to ourselves, to our fellow human beings and to our planet. Reshad Feild, the renowned author of spiritual books reads from his work Breathe, for God’s Sake!

Free the Teacher

2006: What is a right relationship between spiritual teacher and pupil, and how can we “set free” the teacher within us? Reshad Feild talks about enlightenment, consciousness, compassion and gratefulness. Recording of an intimate initiates meeting.

Time to Wake Up

2002: Reshad talks about nonexistence, being awake and being asleep, about knowledge, love and sentimentality, about reincarnation and attachment, about the mystics Ibn Arabi and Bulent Rauf as well as about the Advaita movement and the books by Eckhart Tolle.


2003: Reshad Feild talsk about “innocence” and the importance of our senses in our search for spiritual knowledge.


1996: Reshad Feild speaks during dinner on the last evening before the closing down of Johanneshof, the spiritual centre he had established and run in Switzerland from 1993 to 1996.

Breath and Breathing

2007: Reshad Feild speaks of breath and breathing practices, sufism and meditation, and recounts some episodes of his meetings with remarkable people on the spiritual path.

The Essence of Inner Teachings

2005: Reshad Feild talks about some of the most basic questions which students of a living esoteric school find themselves confronted with upon entering the “path of return”.

Booksigning Talk, Santa Fe

2004: Reshad Feild talks about his acclaimed bestselling novel The Last Barrier and its sequel To Know We’re Loved, two modern classics of contemporary spiritual literature.

Turning Towards the Morning

“Come, come, whoever you are…” Film recording of a Sema ceremony hold in Zurich in 1989 by The Living School directed by Reshad Feild. Dedicated to all seekers in Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, who reached complete union on 17 December 1273.