Reshad Feild

The Inner Work, Volume I

Study Material of a Living Inner School


Three volumes of an extensive, thoroughly edited collection of a wide range of study material of Reshad Feild’s living inner school. These books, printed in the English original (left-hand) and a German translation (right-hand page), contain more than eighty study papers which were previously unpublished and for decades only circulated amongst the students of the school. The books are illustrated with various black-and-white photos.

“I always consider that the best definition for the word ‘esoteric’ is ‘for the initiate or prepared’. In other words, an inner school is for certain types of people who are interested in a particular kind of knowledge, and in this case it is, of course, the knowledge of oneself. To this end, there are obviously many stages and as much to be sacrificed as there is to be studied and learned. It is almost as though we have to give up everything that we thought to be real for ourselves the moment that we meet up with such a school, for it is based on nothing less than Universal Love.”


Contents of Volume I

What Is the Meaning of “Inner Work”? · A Living School for Advanced Spiritual Education · Being and Capacity · Breathing Alive · The Single Most Important Point · The Search · Why Are We Coming Together? · Take Time to Reflect · Working with Themes · Why Study? · Practice Makes Perfect · Building Substance · God Is the Only Friend · Notice to Cooks · Co-operation in the Three Worlds · Conscious Evolution and Organic Evolution · The Law of Reciprocity · Time, Respect and Manners · The Sole Purpose of Love Is Beauty · The Three Poles · The Way of the Masters · Traps on the Path · The Journey · Patience, Perseverance and Authority · Good News! For God’s Sake! · Gratefulness and Breath · Beloved Lord Prayer · Prayer of Abandonment · Chalice Prayer · Invocation · The Fatiha · Mevlana’s Prayer · Prayer of the Sarmoun Brotherhood · The 7-1-7-Breathing Practice · The Present Moment Practice · The Decision Practice · The End-of-Day Clearing Practice · The Standing-Position Breathing Practice · The Pebble-in-the-Water Practice · The 24-Days Programme · Index

ISBN 978.3.942914.210
Paperback | 400 pages | 36 euros
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